Things of Beauty: "I'm creative and cool but also very credible and trust-worthy" Work Lady Looks


Talking about - and consuming fashion is supporting a passion and a necessary business world navigation tool - not a snowflake pursuit.

Ever since we started dressing ourselves (for me circa 9 years old - it was a reversible watermelon fru-fru skirt and Mickey Mouse t-shirt) the onus is on us - yes every day frankly - to make ourselves like more Mean Girls Regina George, less like Mean Girls Cady Heron on Halloween.

And yes unless you are the type of person who feels no pressure (and for that I applaud you - can I have some more of what you’re having?) what we wear does have an impact on how we feel - and gulp here’s the big one- how others perceive us.


I once wore a grey hoodie-like - jersey - jumper (I thought hip) to a v important business meeting. She was wearing a winter wedding, Rixo type dress and full make-up and I knew instantly I wasn’t getting the gig.

Inspired by Emma Gannon’s post the other week about her love of Finery for its easy, work appropriate outfits and Polly (that’s Pandora or Dolly) on the High Low saying that they wore a jumper that said SEX to a meeting with the Times ( I think it was Pandora…) I realised I am not alone in this grown-up boss lady (meets I’m exhausted - I need to get ready in 10 minutes) looks pursuit.

I also call it the "I'm creative and cool but also very credible and trust-worthy™" look.

I hereby compile six eternally classic wonder purchases that I really want but cannot afford to buy because #startuplife - to make this ongoing challenge easier for us all.

ThingsDaisy Hill