Vagina Couture: Things of Beauty

“Big Bush Energy. Yep, it’s all about the vagina this year and about time too.” - Caro Gomez

I was inspired by Caro Gomez’s unashamed approach to the female genitals in her fashion design choices and the idea that the vaginal form was the source of much of her inspiration when designing.

“When I told people about my vagina t-shirts they would burst out laughing saying “I’ll wear my power” and “I’ll be the only one that knows what this represents to me” ACTUAL MUSIC TO MY EARS.” posts Caro on her Instagram. Caro has since gone on to embroider her vagina emblems into trousers as part of the V-Power collection created from an original illustration featuring 20 different vaginas, to symbolise the fact that we’re all different.

I have since developed an eye for what I am calling ‘vagina couture’ and am of the belief that Caro was right - this is the year of the vagina. What ensues is my collection of independent designers across homeware, fashion, art and jewellery all helping you wear your vulva power with pride.

Caro Gomez V Queen Collection (below), from £35



Pit Power Necklace, £450 by

An austere and academic upbringing led Anissa to take up studies in engineering and computer science, but after three years, Anissa was struck with an ennui that led her ever-present rebellious temperament to adopt a different approach; she threw herself hands-first into jewellery studies at Central Saint Martins and in London’s jewellery district, Hatton Garden. She creates jewellery that reflects the generation of successful, powerful and funny women that she sees all around her.

For a more affordable option, Brighton’s ‘Our Daily Edit’ have a Woman Vase Necklace for £100

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 13.31.22.png
Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 13.36.34.png

Sisterhood X NamasteHannah 

Manchester favourites, The Sisterhood teamed up with blogger and creative @NAMASTEHANNAH to bring some of her gorgeous artwork onto t-shirt basics. Feel the power of your individual Femme.

£27 at

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 13.42.06.png

Frances Costelloe

What is a wall if it has no vagina’s on it?

Pink your pad with this Eve Drawing, £65

Gash Trays

One of the leaders of the Vagina Couture movement or - #LoveThyLabia if you’re on their Instagram.

After creating the first Gashtray for a friend as a joke in 2014, Hani Lees Dresnre posted the abomination on Instagram and was surprised to receive requests for more. They celebrate the glorious curves, folds and flaps of real bodacious babes and promote body positivity and embracing what your mama gave you!

Have also diversified into bums, dicks and nips.

Gashtrays from £32


Wear nudity with Jazz Moodie and Elle Upshall aim to champion body positivity and shed light on the diversity of the female form.

“"The rules suddenly shift when women realise they can take nudes for themselves as an act of rebellion and/or self-love. When women acknowledge that the only viewers of this intimate image are themselves and an artist (a woman myself), any burden of appeasing to the male gaze can evaporate. Nakedness becomes empowering.”

T’s from £!5.99

Screen Shot 2019-06-13 at 14.16.37.png

Kana London x Alex Coe

Celebrated London ceramicist Ana Kerin has collaborated with figurative artist, Alexandria Coe to produce this collaboration of female forms meets clay.

Mug, £90

If you want your own bits (or tits) immortalised Lydia Reeves is an artist in Brighton who is currently running a Vulva Diversity Awareness project where she hopes to cast 100 vulvas, and exhibit them alongside a write up of each person's experience.

For anyone interested drop Lydia a DM on instagram @ pen_is_painting

Tampon Keyring, £12

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 13.08.35.png

Alternatively, for the Vagina Couture beginner, nab yourself these heavenly earrings from Paloma Wool, enclosed in a tasteful naked lady pouch for you to reveal (or not) as you choose. Infinto Earrings 55 Euros

Or keep it really low key with these Chaussettes Statue Rose Bouton from Bonne Maison, 19 Euros

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