MCR's new platform for creative action: TPM x Breakfast Club


Manchester is a recognised hot bed of culture and ideas. We are lucky to be surrounded by a bevy of new and supportive groups, concepts, products and start-ups growing at a rapid rate. To capture this epic stream of content, we are starting The Debut Series to make sure we are hot on the tail of Manchester's ever-moving creative scene. 

Headed up by Manchester School of Art student and industry photographer, Fii Finchett will be writing up the very best in new magazines, events, products and groups as they debut.

First up: The Public Meeting.

By Fii Finchett

The Public Meeting provides a contemporary and relevant cultural platform to spark debate in Manchester. Peggy Manning, founder of The Public Meeting, hopes that it will build on three crucial phenomenas: ideas, conversation and social change. Though organised gatherings, at numerous different captivating events, conversations are encouraged to inspire action towards local and global concerns. Peggy believes ‘positive change happens when people come together, share ideas, and dare to do things differently’.

Isn’t that what us Mancunians are all for?

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 16.36.30.png

Today's event was branded in partnership with Jane Crowther's ‘Breakfast Club’ also kicking off its first event for 2018. Respected creatives, known for their innovative personal projects run alongside the 9-5, were invited to brace the typical Manchester blusters of rain to swap ideas and talk.

The event, which has up until now been top secret, is officially live from 7.30am - with Jane's opening speech declaring: ‘from now on, please feel free to social media your little socks off’. That is of course after the one hour club has finished, as Jane intends that a phone-free breakfast club will influence and revitalise the conversation amongst attendees.

This alongside the lack of alcohol present, which is nothing if not rare for an event filled with creatives.  

The future of the Breakfast Club is to be split  into three sections.

  • The first is a space to allow familiar faces within Manchester to talk about personal projects that they’re involved in (non-portfolio). The space feels very open and all attendees are invited to share their passions, taking the lead from social media - which has built its entire movement on people wanting to share something.  
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  • The second section will encourage community awareness and a local charity will be invited to talk about their work.
  • The third aspiration is to be a vocal public notice board. If attendees have anything they want to share with the rest of the squad. Jane humorously comments this to not be ‘personal stuff’, as it is ‘not a self-help group’, again, simply due to the lack of alcohol. Simply a call to action for creatives to invite others to work on projects with them.

The club has been designed to be 'quite short and moving’ - despite running excessively over time on the launch event (!) However, this just goes to show the sheer enthusiasm and excitement the talkative bunch, muster together. With the wish for constant feedback throughout the project, Jane, recognises Breakfast Club to sort of be the one of the first in its kind based in Manchester.



The intention of the club is to support each other as a community. Having recognised the numerous small businesses going bust across Manchester’s city centre and areas surrounding, Breakfast Club, is an exciting new project set up under The Public Meeting, which aims to make a change through face to face interaction. Ultimately resulting in a strong community with the positive attitude needed to take action.