Grab Your Coat, You've Pulled | Manchester 24th November - 1st December

Where exactly has November gone? This week we were greeted with cold blasts from the east and next, well, dare we dream of snow? The temptation to stay home grows stronger, but we think we might be able to persuade you to venture beyond your front door with our stellar line-up of events and experiences taking place across the fair city of Manchester.

Yolklore’s weekly round-up is curated to provide you with a comprehensive guide of the best things to see, do, and experience in and around the city. We strive to give you an original events guide and transport you away from the every day.

Waking you up from the sleepwalk of life and helping you off that hamster wheel. GYCYP is inspired by this city’s creatives, restaurants, coffee shops and change-makers, and shines a light on the awesome merry-go-round of events darting their way across Manchester.

From Pakistani fine dining to knitting and noodles, we’ve got the weekly round-up that you need to dazzle up of your days, and spice up your 5-9.

Cos there’s a whole world out there.


Sat 24 Nov 2018

Engage your activist spirit this Saturday for a day of conversations and performances at Poetry Emergency, a north west radical poetry festival.

Bringing together some of the most challenging and surprising poets and performers of the moment, it will address the big question of how mini-revolutions of language can snowball into communities of support and resistance.

Explore the power of art and language and how poets and performers can agitate and inspire in these increasingly politicized times.

Tickets from £6

Life honestly .png

Tue 27 November 2018

This Tuesday The Life Honestly book tour hits Manchester. Join the contributors of The Pool’s debut book and be part of an empowering discussion about culture, politics, journalism and relationships.

A complete guide to modern life from some of today's most talented and insightful writers. Expect to hear strong opinions from strong and kick-ass women.

Tickets include a copy of the book, goody bag and tipples.

Tickets available from Eventbrite


Wed 28 November 2018

Join the folk from Rapha Manchester for a Wednesday lunch time Express Pilates Class, hosted by Dolores McGowan.

Tucked away discreetly behind St Ann’s Church and spread over 3 floors, the Rapha Clubhouse is a bike lovers paradise. Fit with a mechanics workshop, cafe and exhibition space, their events are just one aspect of this superb concept store.

Building the core strength needed for cyclists and fitness enthusiasts, the class will last 45 minutes and costs just £5. Free coffee and mats included.

No tickets required, just sign-up on Facebook

Screenshot 2018-11-01 at 4.19.55 PM.png

Thurs 29 November 2018

A talk with overwhelming relevancy right now, join photographer Mandy Barker as she talks to Director of the Photgraphic Network. Paul Herrmann, for a in-depth conversation about her work uncovering the plastic debris that continues to plight our seas.

Mandy Barker is an internationally award winning photographer whose work aims to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the effect it has on marine life and ourselves.

Join this talk to hear more about her practice and the Hong Kong Soup photograph series.

Tickets £4

Screenshot 2018-11-23 at 11.52.34 AM.png

Thurs 29 November 2018

At this time of year Manchester is awash with Christmas markets and events, so why not check out Afflecks After Dark for something a little different.

An independent shopping mecca, Afflecks is not only a Manchester institution but a long standing champion of small businesses and retail for the city.

For those that want to live their best 5-9 (see what we did there) then make sure you RSVP without delay today.


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