Shoe Can Play That Game: Footwear to Follow

While researching this piece I scoured the internet for a quote that adequately captured my love for shoes and to be quite honest I was left sourly disappointed. Venturing into the depths of the dark web I unintentionally unearthed an anecdote which detailed how Teresa May's leopard print pumps inspired one woman to get into politics.

I’m just going to leave that there.

One should not underestimate the power of a good pair of shoes, a vehicle for our identities, an outlet for our eccentricities, I am of the belief that well-chosen footwear represents much more than merely a stylish means of getting us from A to B.

However, according to popular culture, we should amass enough loafers to sink a small ship, or to feel truly empowered we must beg, borrow and steal (less convinced on the latter) in order to obtain a pair of Christian Louboutin heels; I have a pair of Veja sneakers that would suggest otherwise, and that’s before taking into consideration the eye-watering sums of cash splashed on fanciful footwear.

So, putting my best foot forward (I would say my left just about pips it), I have sought to curate a selection of kicks (side note: who remembers Kickers from their adolescence? What a blast from the past) that won't break the piggy bank and that pay minimal lip service to current trends, albeit for a few pairs of sneakers, because let’s face it, we all enjoy a fresh pair of white trainers don’t we?

Joan Mules in Dusk -  £85

Joan Mules in Dusk - £85

The one that delivers time and time again

I am utterly head over heels for these Mat and Nat Mules in Dusk. Inspired by material and nature, hence the name, they seek to explore the synergy of the two elements. The main sell being their versatility, an enduring challenge when switching from the office, to after-work drinks and late night escapades, but I think they’ve excelled themselves with this latest addition to their SS19 range.

Joan Mules in Dusk - £85

Novesta S.M.CORDUROY BG/003 TRNSP -  €59

Novesta S.M.CORDUROY BG/003 TRNSP - €59

Let’s hear it for the boys

Always partial to a backstory, Slovakian made Novesta is next on the roster. Founded by Jan Antonin Bata in 1938, this brand knows how to make a pair that lasts and these wonderful corduroy beauties not only provide a fresh take on the worn-out sneaker look, but their unmistakable chunky sole and vulcanisation marks are a welcome change from what is increasingly becoming a saturated market. Sneaker-heads may also enjoy the fact that pairs of Adidas from the 1980s which bare the ‘Made in Czechoslovakia’ stamp, were most likely made in Partizanske, the factory where Novesta’s are still made to this day.

Novesta S.M.CORDUROY BG/003 TRNSP - €59

The other mule

I like to wear footwear on the beach, not flip flops, actual shoes, it’s much easier that way. Collection & Co get that and have more than satisfied this quirk with the Milo White Toe Mule. It also transpires that the brand, founded in 2016, are dedicated to creating ethical and environmentally-friendly footwear, which is why their shoes are vegan and use non-animal leathers and glues. Up-cycling sits at the core of their brand, using everything from old fishing nets to the natural fibres in pineapples to create their designs.

Milo White Closed Mule: £90

The wild weekender

Let me set the scene for you. Sandra works a 9-5 admin job and has worn her trusty Clarks brogues for 23 years, but on the weekend Sandra likes to push the boat out and slip on these Rogue Matilda Hubba Bubba soft suede masterpieces, because she’s knows full well that life’s too damn short for to be vanilla 24/7.

Handmade in Portugal these really are the perfect addition to your weekend wardrobe and are just the right amount of ‘extra’ if I do say so myself.

Hubba Bubba: £169

The pair of white sneakers

Did you know that Veja is Portuguese for “look” and I am certainly guilty of looking at these VEJA V-10 in Terrazzo Pink , far more than is considered acceptable. While I am aware that every man and his dog potentially owns a pair of these, my list wouldn’t be complete without them and I’m not sorry about it. Eco-conscious, tick, office appropriate, 100% should be, fulfilling my penchant for Terrazzo, always. I continue to covet these (I am a size six for those of you wondering) and the imaginary wide leg crop pant in surplus green from Everlane, that I know for a fact would be a match made in fashion heaven.

VEJA V-10 in Terrazzo Pink - £115