It was when having a conversation with Aliyah of Aliyah Hussain Jewellery that the topic of 'focus' first cameup. Upon brainstorming for our upcoming clay jewellery workshop, Aliyah mentioned to me that guests would need to focus. "That's good!" was my initial reaction. Focus - that rare, valuable, gem of a thing, seems so distant to me in my modern day life. I loved that we would be giving the gift of focus (in addition to the beautiful end result, of course) to a whole hostof Manchester urbanites. To multi-task or not to multi-task isn't really an option for most at the moment. Life is all go, especially as we gear up to - gulp -           

C H R I S T M A S. 

Ultimately, however, I think we all have a sneaky suspicion that all this multi-focusing is doing us no good.[Insert 10 second reading break to pull down one's Instagram feed.]

Cat memes consumed let's continue...

Digital pursuits (emails, internet, social media, you know - those things) are beautiful in their scope and wonder, yet they aren't half all-encompassing. Creative work done in a physical, real-world space is wonderfully refreshing. Yoga was my first leap into this world of necessary focus, where to daydream about the fact that I'd forgotten to take out the wash left me in Low Cobra when the rest of the class were in Happy Baby. When focusing is the only option, the headspace, not to mention the creative output is more often than not pretty darn good. 

β€œOne of the core purposes of Yolk is providing an anchor for calm in an ever busy world.”

We are lucky to be working with some INCREDIBLE workshop providers this month, who will not only be taking you through some amazing creative processes but might also get you out of your head, even if just for an hour or so! Both January workshops below have been organised with our partner, Bumble and so are free to attend in exchange for a free download and a great way to learn more about their brilliant platform that is empowering women worldwide. Hope to see you there!


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