Person of Marvel: Amy Greenwell, Dreamy Little Places

More and more spaces in London have not-so-subtly caught on to the trend of flowery and chic interior and exterior installations, and they are certainly grabbing people’s wonderous eyes. This gorgeous concept has brought so many places to life, especially as we struggle through the relentless winter months.

Amy Greenwell, freelancer and photographer has created a platform to bring together the very best of these. Dreamy Little Places, Amy's photography Instablog, includes pictures of her vast adventures around the world as well as the prettiest and most scenic streets of London.

Amy Greenwell, freelancer and founder of Dreamy Little Places 

Amy Greenwell, freelancer and founder of Dreamy Little Places 


Amy has been able to discover and visit colourful streets, delicate cafes, florists, hotels and eateries across London and everywhere in between - making her Instablog divinely appealing to follow if you love discovering new areas in London.

Through colourful glowing facades and picturesque backstreets, her mission isn’t just to take pictures ‘for the gram’. Her mission is to inspire people to stroll out of their usual area (or more deeply, comfort zone) and discover a new place or scenery. It is truly magical stumbling into a place that you have never been before, that may be right on your doorstep which you didn’t know about. That is the amazing thing not only about London but with the rest of the world, you never know what you may find.

We caught up with Amy to get an insight into her life and musings in London, her experience in freelancing and her thoughts on the trends in the Instablog industry.

Divine shopfront in Belgravia, London

Divine shopfront in Belgravia, London

Wisteria hysteria in East Dulwich - London 

Wisteria hysteria in East Dulwich - London 

Favourite books / What are you reading?

I just read an amazing book called Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba, all about ‘unlocking the secrets to success, sanity and happiness’ for career-driven women, side-hustlers and female entrepreneurs. The book talks about women showing up for each other, cutting the BS and learning that it’s ok when things aren’t always perfect.

Best dinner guest?

Cleopatra to talk about life, love, fashion and being a queen in ancient Egyptian times

Can you describe yourself in three words?

Ambitious...adventurer... dreamer

Last thing you bought and loved

A dress from a fabulous vintage shop, Chi Chi Ra Ra, in East Dulwich. I really enjoy having a good old rummage and picking up unique pieces.

Best sunset?

Varkala in India - it was at the very start of my recent travelling trip through Asia and it was BEAUTIFUL.

Best free thing to do in London?

Walking around and admiring all the pretty neighbourhoods. There’s so much more that London has to offer beyond the main tourist attractions and I love discovering hidden gems.

Why did you start your company/How did you get into your job?

I’ve been freelancing for the last six months which I much prefer to the traditional 9-5 office set-up and long commute times. I believe that having more flexibility with your work promotes amazing productivity and of course a healthy work-life balance.

What’s your experience of working life been like?

Having worked in marketing for the last four years, I’ve really enjoyed getting creative, being able to collaborate and connect with others and continuously adapt to the latest digital trends - I’m a bit of a social media addict, so that helps too. My experience so far has been positive and although it’s a competitive industry, marketing offers a lot of opportunity and variety. There are so many different avenues and specialties to explore that can suit your interests and skills.

What inspired you to start Dreamy Little Places?

Living in London, it’s easy to get stuck in one area, so I decided I wanted to get out and about and explore more. I had just bought myself a new camera for my travels and thought it would be the perfect way to practice taking photos and just enjoy wandering around London. After a few trips and taking lots of photos, I decided to set up an Instagram page as a way to document my journeys. I love discovering cute cafes, florists, restaurants, hotels, mews streets and colourful facades.

Do you have a favourite place to photograph?

The houses in Notting Hill are very photogenic, oh and Belgravia with it’s beautiful shopfronts!

Where do your influences come from?

I guess just the beauty of London with its history, architecture and how it dramatically changes with the seasons. I love learning about new places that pop up and interesting things to get involved in.

Are there any trends you are noticing in the industry at the moment?

I think in London in particular, physical shops, cafes and restaurants are making more of an effort to create a buzz and get their brand seen online. An example of this is the huge trend of flower installations outside shopfronts at the moment. Instagrammers are all over it because it makes for amazing photos and it’s a great strategy to attract new visitors. 

What’s the wisest thing anyone has ever told you?

To always trust your instinct, it’s usually right.

Start exploring @DreamyLittlePlaces to discover some hidden gems that may be within your post code.


L-R: Hanoi, Vietnam - Mylapore, India - Warren Mews, London

Photo credit to Amy Greenwell