Sweet Dreams: The Holy Grail of Sleep Masks

Full disclosure, I have a complex relationship with sleep masks…but I can explain.

After long and fraught internal narratives and one damn hard look in the mirror, I came to the realisation that honestly, I’ve just set the bar too high; the old expectation versus reality gap.

It’s no great secret that I find it difficult to switch off, most nights I set out with the best intentions, I really do, but come 3.15am I find myself wide awake attempting to put the world to rights, reeling off the next days to-do-list, and engaging in self-sabotaging sins, most likely the dreaded Instagram scroll.

Unlike myself, Yolklore’s Founder, Daisy, is nothing short of evangelical about the wonder of sleep masks, you’ll often find her waxing lyrical about their sleep inducing powers, and quite frankly I couldn’t be more jealous.

To be able to tap into the beauty of sleep masks, be it their magical ability to transport us away from earthly distractions, lulling our weary bodies towards blissful and uninterrupted slumber, or pulling the shutters down on the tedium of the daily grind, they truly are a little piece of heaven on earth.

Estimated to be worth $30 billion globally, sleep is not only big money, but a growing health epidemic thanks in part to our hyper-connected lives and increasingly close relationship with screens and social media.

In an effort to address my ongoing saga with the land of nod I have fully immersed myself in the world of sleep masks, seeking out the best in the business, from those guaranteed to give you a decent nights kip, to the silk and satin saviors, keeping our skin perky and bright.

scorpio sleep mask.jpeg

I immediately liked this night-sky blue zodiac inspired sleep mask.

Those who dare to pass you at an ungodly hour know exactly what they’re dealing with (prior knowledge of the zodiac is an advantage, but you’ll soon get the gist).

The star sign constellation embroidered sleep masks also reduces hair and skin friction for anti-ageing and and anti-sleep creases.

£45 Selfridges

bright eyes sleep mask.jpg

Nothing says I’m OOO like this Do Not Disturb inspired Bright Eye Duo set.

A double act with gusto, the illuminating colloidal silver infused collagen eye mask and it’s silky companion help to brighten and rejuvenate the skin.

You’ll be feeling-bright eyed and bushy tailed in no time and ready to take on tomorrow’s keyboard warriors.

£27 from Current body


Quite literally…Namastay in bed

Relax and disconnect with Reborn Yoga’s eye pillow for support during yoga and meditation or as an aid for restful sleep.

Organic Flaxseed and Lavender infused…

And breath

£13 Reborn


Pillows for the eyes, you know you deserve it.

Aroma Home’s cream faux fur & satin lavender eye mask.

Pull the shutters down for restoration and relaxation at home and away.

£12.95 Heat treats


You know this eye mask means business.

For those who take their R&R very seriously the Feel Better Eye Mask is the one for you.

This chlorine and PVC contraption helps fight the signs of puffiness and fatigue, can I get an AMEN!

£8.25 Tisserand

I was sold on this Bird of Paradise Eye Mask as soon as I realised it was possible to purchase the matching pyjamas.

Finally a viable excuse for a Saturday night in!

£15.00 Whistles


The twilight zone between Christmas and New Year is essentially an extended period for napping, grazing and tentative attempts at establishing a New Year’s resolution with wiggle room…

Alternatively, it’s a time to reflect and restore which makes Alice & Peg’s Reset Box the ideal companion for the post-Christmas comedown.

Replete with calming Himalayan Bath Salts, Pillow Mist and a bamboo silk eye mask, you’ll be drifting off into 2019 in no time.

£54.95 from Alice & Peg


Sweet dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree?

A sleep mask for the bold and creative souls, the Imbolc Festival silk eye mask by Wilful North is handmade in the heart of Lancashire and rooted in slow fashion and sustainability.

Say no to throwaway fashion in favour of style and substance, and of course, sleep.

£30 Wilful North


Just like the aforementioned Zodiac inspired sleep mask, this sentimental sleep mask sends the message loud and clear…cross me at your own peril, I dare you.

Available from Etsy

Glow Bar, the multidisciplinary concept space making waves in the wellness sphere and revolutionizing the way women cope with stress, are completely knocking it out the park with their recipe for a perfects night’s sleep.

Bathe your weary bones in their relaxing moon milk, drift into a sweet slumber with the silk eye mask and seize the day with the cult favourite rose quartz face roller come sunrise.

Grab all the ingredients from the Glow Bar store on Mortimer Street

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