Getting to Know Brøgger: Scandinavian Fashion 2.0

“I want Brøgger to be a brand that offers pieces of treasure, not just for one, but across seasons.”

Brøgger is a bit special. A treasure trove of cool, this emerging Danish brand - pronounced “Breu-ger” - founded by Danish-born, London-based Julie Brøgger and Linn Norström Weile, is not certainly not afraid to take risks.

Julie Brøgger

Julie Brøgger

The hallmarks of Scandinavian style - minimalist chic and neutral palletes underpinned by functionality and wearabilty, have been re-imagined, elevated if you will, resulting in outwear that is effervescent, bright and whimsical; think Joseph and the Technicolor Dream Coat, but make it fashion.

Julie, who was born and raised in Denmark, but has spent the majority of her career in London, working for the likes of Preen by Thornton Bregazzi, has harnessed the craftsmanship and tradition of both British and Danish style, cherry picking from the anti-establishment feel of her London base and merging it with the ornate and light feel of Danish culture. The result, a reassertion of ruffles, bold florals, and masculine cuts; a juxtaposition of Scandinavian utility and British brashness. This is no ordinary Danish Brand.

We had the pleasure of speaking with Julie about Brøgger’s Danish roots, the synergy of culture and why she is rallying against “fast fashion” in her quest to rekindle our love for the ultimate capsule collection of Scandinavian fashion bounty.

What is the Brøgger ethos? 

Fashion should be fun and stand out but wearable. Buy less but right.

What was the inspiration behind Brøgger?

Working for almost a decade for other brands in London, I found that I entered a time where I needed to set my own creative boundaries. I had learned so much and now I wanted to apply that to a brand in my own name.

A celebration of style and craftsmanship across two cultures, which elements of British and Danish design and culture came together to create the brand?

British culture and aesthetics to me means a celebration of the ornate, tradition and craftsmanship, but for fashion also a complex murad of subcultures and anti-establishment.

The Danish on the other hand relates to a beauty that is often found in the craftsmanship and tradition as well but it's the opposite of ornate. It celebrates a form that is a consequence of its function.

 It is a great privilege to grow in a country like Denmark where design is valued and public buildings are filled with design classics. But it does also create a normative approach to taste that can seem uniform, and London offers a clear juxtaposition to that. Eccentricity is very rare in Scandinavia and exists in abundance in London.


Brøgger has these dualistic elements of both, I’m Danish with a Danish fashion degree but have spent all of my career in London. The boldness of Brøgger definitely comes from London, and my love for florals, I found that here.

What space do you seek to occupy in the fashion sphere, what would you like Brøgger to be known for? 

I want Brøgger to be a brand that offers pieces of treasure, not just for one but across seasons.

Bright gems used to enrich the wardrobe. It is that elusive quest of making the customer fall in love because if that happens I believe that, that love can be rekindled over and over again.

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Your collections are designed to stand out from the crowd, how do your own style choices empower you?

Clothes can have powerful transformative. My day to day style is very much jeans and a t-shirt, I like to work in an outfit that won’t affect my designs, but if I have a meeting I throw on a bright Brøgger blazer it instantly changes my posture and gives that little bit of extra confidence. There is nothing like a well-cut blazer that has that power.

As Scandinavian style continues to have a moment, what do you think it is that people love so much about the minimalist aesthetic of scandi style?

It is very straight forward, what you see is what you get. And it is a style that makes sense in most people’s lives. Wearability is key for Scandinavia.

With consumers and brands moving towards more sustainable and ethical fashion choices, what do you think is the best way to move away from "fast fashion"?

Fast fashion offers products that are truly only meant to last for a few months. And that just makes me sad. We need to rediscover the appreciation of well made clothes. To me that means first of all longevity in terms of quality of the product but also the design, sourcing materials and producing as close to your base as possible and with suppliers and factories that work under high standards.


For Brøgger that means we’re committed to producing within the EU and UK and using materials produced with eco-friendly practices and the best quality.

Consumers are becoming increasingly knowledgeable and knows that if something is organic but comes from across the world it doesn’t really make sense. It is a matter of balance 

What has been the most valuable thing you have learnt since launching Brøgger?

Patience and sticking to your gut feeling.

What brands and styles are you currently inspired by?

More for admiration than inspiration, John Galliano for Margiela is just amazing, every season it just gets better and better.

Since launching the brand have you had any pinch me moments?

Cate Blanchet wore a Brøgger suit on the Ellen show. My favourite actress on my favourite talk show, that was a good day!

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What does a typical day look like for you?

If I can get up in time I like a workout in the morning before the day starts, then a walk with the dog with a coffee in hand.

I then spend most of my time in the Brøgger studio in Notting Hill, working with a great team. All seasons and retailer deliveries are now overlapping, so we’re always working on about 3 collections at a time, there is a lot of juggling between sampling and production.

If you were curating a capsule wardrobe, what would be your go-to items?

Definitely a good blazer, maybe bright orangy red, and a good pair of wide leg jeans.

Do you have any pearls of style wisdom?

Figure out what works for you in terms of shape and lengths and then don’t be afraid to add bright colours and prints. 

Shop Brøgger’s SS19 collection here.