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The generation before me - the ‘baby boomers’ had a pool of around 10 or so sources of media that they’d look to for their inspiration, news and recommendations.

Three magazines/newspapers, three radio stations and three TV channels. Not so overwhelming, really.

My generation, on the other hand - the ‘Millennials’, and our younger siblings - Gen Z - we’re looking about 100 times that. On Instagram alone (across three accounts) I follow over 5000 accounts. I know right - major gulp. From brands, to bloggers, independent magazines, podcasts and Netflix (many fabulous), we are in fact drowning in a sea of content.

Yet scarily - amongst this jungle of choice we are showing no signs of letting the cream rise to the top. In fact the opposite. 2019 has so far seen the most popular Instagram post ever emerge and it’s a photo of an egg. With 21million likes in about a week, it has beaten previous record holder, Kylie Jenner. An egg - apparently called Eugene. Over on Twitter the most retweeted tweet ever is a teenager’s request for free chicken nuggets.

Now, I’m not going to be the killjoy who stamps on the global public’s evident obsession with chickens, not to mention other popular topics like Brexit, #Selfie, EdSheeran and The Greatest Showman. But what we are about is presenting other options.

Because amongst the noise, there is brilliance.

Daisy Hill, Editor

Daisy Hill, Editor


Creative people, ideas and culture. Funny, considered, inspiring and accessible experiences happening in your phone, in your neighbourhoods and overseas.

From a Carrie Fisher novel to a three-course pudding pop-up, we spend our days sourcing stories, culture and activities that support positive mental health - not perpetuate #FOMO, comparison culture or digital overload.

Across literature, film, architecture, events, design, music and food/drink, our dream is to create the ‘middle-brow'. Somewhere in the ether between high-brow and low-brow; accessible, inspiring culture making your days more brilliant.

Who’s in the Spotlight

We are over the moon to be releasing our first print issue of Yolklore magazine. Designed to show you stuff you don’t normally come across, by brands and people you’ve not yet heard of. Our mission is to help the cream rise to the top, championing brilliance, curiosity and eye-opening physical experiences, not keywords. A curated collection of many of the articles and more that you find on here.

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